Thanks NYC

We had a wonderful time at the screenings at the New Museum and The Sylvia Rivera Law Project, thanks in large part to the work that Jeannine Tang and Reina Gossett did to make it all happen. More about the framing of the events is available here on the New Museum’s webpage and you can see some photos and listen to the audio here on the “We Who Feel Differently” webpage.

We are also still filming (see it never ends) but are trying to tie up any ends by the fall. In October we will be in WI and NYC, NJ and PA, more info on that soon. If you want to set up a screening of Criminal Queers, hit us up, and also, if you teach at an institution asking them to order a copy of Homotopia is a good way to support Criminal Queers (it is entirely self-funded) while also making sure radical films get archived.