Criminal Queers at Northwestern

We have a new cut of Criminal Queers and  will be showing it a bit this Spring! On Feb 28th, we will be part of the Film and Digital Media Visiting Artist Series and will be screening at UCSC in Santa Cruz, CA. Then we are headed to Chicago where we will be showing at Northwestern University on Wed. March2, from 5:30-8 pm (the time may get pushed back a bit, so check again as we get closer). The free screening is organized by Northwestern QPGSA and is at 119 Louis Hall, 1975 South Campus Drive, Evanston, IL. Come say hi and/or send your people! Last but not least, the amazing Hoku Beale is working away on a final cut of the film and we will be hitting the world with an actual tour in the Fall of 2011, if you wanna help bring us to wherever you are, or have ideas of how we might get there, hit us up!